Adam Cooper

@AdamBCo // Telluride, Colorado

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UserSwitch screenshot


An easy way to manage abusive content posted in your application.

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Eula screenshot


Eula is a platform that makes it easy to manage your Terms of Service and Privacy Policy documents.

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ABCAutoCompleteTextView screenshot


A subclass of UITextView to allow for autocompletion of hashtags and username mentions.

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ABCTabBarController screenshot


ABCTabBarController is a tabBarController inspired by Google's Material Design.

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ABCIntroView screenshot


ABCIntroView is an easy to use on-boarding view which allows you to introduce the user to the application before reaching the Main Screen.

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ABCGooglePlacesAutocomplete screenshot


ABCGooglePlacesAutocomplete is an easy to use location autocomplete feature that utilizes the Google Places API to suggest locations to the user. To use GooglePlacesAutocomplete, please do the f...

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PeekInspiredTimePicker screenshot


A Time Picker inspired by the beautiful PEEK Calendar application. http://www.peekcalendar.com

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