Ahsan Ali

@EngrAhsanAli // 渋谷区 Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan

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MeteorDDP screenshot


MeteorDDP is really helpful to integrate servers written in meteor (a framework written in javascript) using native Swift in iOS.

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AALocalizationKit screenshot


AALocalizationKit is really helpful to maintain multiple languages in the application with their custom language fonts and an ability to change the language within your application!

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AANetworking screenshot


AANetworking wraps power of Alamofire and Moya into simple Codeable format

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AAProfanityFilter screenshot


Simple Profanity Filter for Strings written in Swift!

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AAExtensions screenshot


Useful Extensions!

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MVCacher screenshot


Caches any data in Swift!

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AARefreshControl screenshot


AARefreshControl is a pull to refresh control for UITableVIew and UICollectionView

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AAObnoxiousFilter screenshot


Simple Profanity (Obnoxious) Filter written in Swift.

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AAFloatingButton screenshot


AAFloatingButton is floating action button component of material design for iOS. It has ripple effect same as per the material design.

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AANotifier screenshot


AANotifier allows you to create UIView based fragments to be appear on screen at runtime in iOS, written in Swift.

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AAViewAnimator screenshot


AAViewAnimator is a set of animations designed for UIView, UIButton, UIImageView with options in iOS, written in Swift.

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AACameraView screenshot


AACameraView is a lightweight, easy-to-use and customizable camera view framework written in Swift.

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AADraggableView screenshot


AADraggableView is a light-weight and easy-to-use draggable views in screen bounds with options designed to drag any UIView. It allows to drag the UIView in any view controller.

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AASegmentedControl screenshot


AASegmentedControl is lightweight and easy-to-use customised segmented controls, written in Swift.

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AALoaders screenshot


AALoaders is a lightweight, easy-to-use and powerful progress view loaders framework, written in Swift. It uses simple native elements for progress loading with customisations and allow to use without creating instance.

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AASignatureView screenshot


AASignatureView is a UIView to capture digital signature by drawing it on screen easily in iOS, written in Swift.

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AARatingBar screenshot


AARatingBar is a simple, lightweight & easy-to-use rating bar designed to get and set ratings in iOS, written in Swift.

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AAPickerView screenshot


AAPickerView is simple and easy-to-use implementation for `UITextField` to use as `UIPickerView` and `UIDatePicker` written in swift.

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AAPopUp screenshot


AAPopUp is a simple and easy-to-use popup view controller designed to present customizable storyboard based view controller as a modal alert, written in Swift. It supports tag-based and dedicated view controller based implementation.

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AACoreData screenshot


AACoreData is a lightweight data persistence wrapper designed to provide an easier solution for `CRUD` operations using `CoreData`, written in Swift. It provides a singleton instance to access `CoreData` objects anywhere in the code and uses 'value types' to define `CoreData` entities.

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AAImagePicker screenshot


AAImagePicker is a simple & easy-to-use image picker designed to present both camera and photo library options and get the UIImage easily.

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AAFragmentManager screenshot


AAFragmentManager is a child view manager responsible to add child subviews in UIView, designed for easy switching between child view controllers with animations.

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