Zouhair Mahieddine

@Zedenem // Palo Alto, CA, USA

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ZMScrollableNavigationBar screenshot


A UINavigationController category that allows the UINavigationBar to scroll with the content (iOS 8 only). This is not an all-in-one blackbox control. It's just taking care of animating the UINa...

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MultiTablesView screenshot


Multi-Levels Table View used to stack table views horizontally. This project adds a notion of levels to the actual UITableView logic.

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XMLParser screenshot


An easy-to-use XML DOM parser for iOS. Learn more with this article : http://www.zedenem.com/2013/07/xml-parser-for-ios-is-now-featured-on-cocoa-controls/

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UICircularSlider screenshot


an iOS UISlider which displays value in a circle / pie.

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