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ACKeyboard screenshot


December 04, 2014 • BSD License
ACKeyboard is a keyboard extension for iOS that mimics the system keyboard, except it has only one 'letter' key: "yo". The keyboard has the following features: - iPhone and iPad layout - por...
ACReuseQueue screenshot


February 15, 2014 • MIT License
A queue to keep and reusing objects. A reuse queue is a way to quickly reuse objects when object allocation and initialization is time-consuming. This reuse queue is inspired after UITableView's...
PopulateKit screenshot


February 10, 2014 • MIT License
Populate is both an iOS app and library to easily create random-generated contacts. - the Populate app let you configure and add contacts to the iOS address book. - the PopulateKit library le...
ACHalloween screenshot


October 22, 2013 • MIT License
A library with halloween-themed animations for iOS. The library contains 3 animations: - glowing label - fingerprints - bloodtrails
Parallax screenshot


June 17, 2013 • BSD License
Parallax is an iOS library that reproduces the parallax effect of the iOS7 home screen.
SimulatorRemoteNotifications screenshot


May 14, 2013 • Unspecified License
SimulatorRemoteNotifications is an iOS library to send (fake) remote notifications to the iOS simulator.
iOS-MagnifyingGlass screenshot


January 17, 2012 • Unspecified License
ACMagnifyingGlass is a magnifier (or loupe) like the one you can find in Notes.app when moving the cursor.