Andrea Mario Lufino

@andrealufino // Milan, Italy

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Translatio screenshot


Super lightweight library that helps you to localize strings, even directly in storyboards!

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Luminous screenshot


Luminous gives you all the system information you need!

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ALMediaLibrary screenshot


A wrapper around Photos framework. It simplify all the process to retrieve photos from the photo library of the user.

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ALCurrencyLibrary screenshot


Simple library to convert a value from a specific currency to another. Contains a list of 162 constants representing the common currencies in the world

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ALSystemUtilities screenshot


This library provides a lot of methods to get system information. You can check the RAM, the disk space, the active processes, the number of processors, informations about the carrier, the hardware...

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ALBatteryView screenshot


Simple view composed by a battery image and a view that fill the battery with the current battery level

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ALFullScreenAlert screenshot


This is a full screen alert which is useful to display some messages to the user. It provides the creation of 2 buttons.

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ALQuickFrame screenshot


This UIView category offers quick access to frame properties of every view

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ALScrollViewPaging screenshot


This UIScrollView subclass offers a simple way to manage paging. Simply add an array with the different views to display. The page control dots color can be customized.

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