David Roman

@davdroman // London

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Badonde screenshot


Badonde is a command line tool that combines Git, GitHub, and JIRA, offering as a solution for GitHub projects to define an automatic PR creation workflow.

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Bohr screenshot


A settings screen composing framework

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DRCellSlideGestureRecognizer screenshot


Make your cells actionable through swipes

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DRPageScrollView screenshot


Block-driven paginated scroll view. - __Block-driven__ page setup. - __Auto Layout__ friendly. - __Page reusability__ à la UITableView reusable cells.

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Popsicle screenshot


Delightful, extensible Swift value interpolation framework.

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DRPaginatedScrollView screenshot


Implement a paginated scroll view really easily using blocks. - **Block-driven** pages setup. - **Jump** between pages (with **bouncy effect**). - Automatic **jump** to the next page **by tapp...

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DRDynamicSlideShow screenshot


A UIScrollView subclass to easily implement an amazing swiping interactive slide show, as IFTTT's. [GIF image](https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/25520122/images/cocoacontrols/DRDynamicSlideSho...

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PDGestureTableView screenshot


Great Mailbox-like UITableView. - **Swipe** the cells to perform multiple actions. - **Tap and hold** to move cells. - A **UIView** can be set to be shown **when there's no content** on the ta...

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