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Moving Placeholder Text Field screenshot

Moving Placeholder Text Field

A UITextField subclass animating the placeholder text if it extends the bounds of the text field. It supports texts of any length, font and size (even custom fonts!). Speed defaults to 30 FPS.

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LaunchImageTransition screenshot


Fades from your launch image (Default.png) to root view controller. Lets you choose the transition animation and delay.

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ImageCropper screenshot


Drop-in image cropper for iOS (as seen in Photos app, UIImagePickerController)

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InfiniTabBar screenshot


A scrolling tab bar with space for infinite items

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ExpandyButton screenshot


As seen in camera app on iOS

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PresetColorPicker screenshot


Preset color picker for iOS

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TwitterFeed screenshot


Drop-in Twitter feed for iOS powered by MGTwitterEngine

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Slide to Unlock screenshot

Slide to Unlock

"slide to unlock" clone from the iPhone's lockscreen using only public APIs

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