David Keegan

@kgn // Irvine, CA

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KGNAutoLayout screenshot


Understandable AutoLayout wrapper that makes using AutoLayout in code easy.

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Hark screenshot


An example Text to Speech App. Hark is a text to speech app I built in 3 hours based on the new AVSpeechSynthesizer SDK in iOS 7. I first learned about this SDK from Mattt Thompson's great NSHipster blog post about iOS 7. This app will be available on the App Store for free and I'm releasing the source as an example for other developers to encourage you to put text to speech in your apps!

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KGNotePad screenshot


KGNotePad is a text view complete with lines and torn paper.

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InAppSettings screenshot


InAppSettings provides a view controller that displays the application's Settings.bundle as it appears in the iPhone settings. Allowing the same preferences in app and in the iPhone settings.

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KGKeyboardChangeManager screenshot


A wrapper around the hairy world of iOS keyboard notifications and frames. Pushing content out of the way of the keyboard can be pretty troublesome on iOS. The frame you get is in portrait screen space, all the notifications fire when the device rotates, and you have to assemble your own animation block if you want to match the keyboards animation. KGKeyboardChangeManager handles all of this for you with a couple simple observer blocks.

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LinenClipView screenshot


Adds a linen pattern behind scrollviews like in Apple's Lion apps.

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KGDiscreetAlertView screenshot


An easy-to-use drop-in control that allows you to display a discreet alert in any view.

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KGModal screenshot


KGModal is an easy drop in control that allows you to display any view in a modal popup. The modal will automatically scale to fit the content view and center it on screen with nice animations!

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KGNoise screenshot


Cocoa noise drawing code + a ready to go noise view!

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