Maximilian Mackh

@mmackh // Austria

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BaseComponents screenshot


BaseComponents aims to provide easily reusable and understandable components to increase productivity with UIKit

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PCRapidSelectionView screenshot


Interactive, beautiful & fast UIActionSheet replacement, supports continuous hold & select

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PCSplitView screenshot


Super powerful layout for iOS, simplified.

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KEYPullDownMenu screenshot


A pull down menu, similar to notification center on iOS that supports an unlimited number of items. Items can either be selected, deleted or reordered. The control is aimed at providing context for switching data within the same view controller.

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Hacker News Client screenshot

Hacker News Client

Hacker News client for iPad and iPhone that highlights the content and makes browsing HN fast.

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MAImagePickerController screenshot


MAImagePickerController is a flexible replacement of UIImagePickerController with support for filtering, editing, cropping and removing distortion from images.

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