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MDImageCroper screenshot


UIImage cropper using any kind of CGPathRef. here is a blog post about the code : https://mohammedeldehairy.wordpress.com/2015/01/18/uiimage-cropping-using-core-graphics/

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MDIncrementalImageView screenshot


UIImageView subclass that loads the image progressively . - Loads images incrementally like web pages do . - Optimised for use in UITableView's and UICollectionView's . - Provides delegat...

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MDMenuViewController screenshot


MDMenuViewController is an iOS container view controller that coordinates between its content view controllers through a side menu that is shown from the side with appealing animation , supports iO...

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MDBrowser screenshot


MDBrowser is a very convenient iOS browser that you can present and dismiss with a neat pop up animation,also supports slide from bottom animation ,has a back and forward button so the user can nav...

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MDSlideNavigationViewController screenshot


A UINavigationController sub class with neat, custom push and pop animations. * When pushing onto the stack, the old view shrinks in size as the new view slides in. * When popping, the old vi...

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MDFaceDetector screenshot


Demonstrates usage of `CIFaceFeature`

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