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FluidTransition screenshot


December 17, 2018 • MIT License
A customized Presentation stack to overcome https://openradar.appspot.com/29840481
DynamicNavigationBar screenshot


October 17, 2018 • Apache 2.0 License
A navigation bar that can be expanded by drag
OAuthKit screenshot


December 25, 2017 • MIT License
A library makes OAuth2 handling in iOS more simple.
MABCardsView (Swift) screenshot

MABCardsView (Swift)

January 05, 2015 • MIT License
A Swift port for https://github.com/zhxnlai/ZLSwipeableView
MABSlider (Swift) screenshot

MABSlider (Swift)

December 27, 2014 • MIT License
Custom Slider for OS X using Swift
YouTube Data API 3 screenshot

YouTube Data API 3

June 23, 2014 • MIT License
A simple wrapper for YouTube data API 3.0 written completely in Objective-C.