Sowrirajan Sugumaran

@ssowri1 // Chennai

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SPPinView screenshot


SPPinView extensively uses for pin view or passcode view or OTP view.

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SPTouchID screenshot


Make a portable biometric authentication of your application!

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SPPhotoViewer screenshot


A customisable smart photoviewer of your photos!!!

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SPKeyBoardAvoiding screenshot


It's a smart Key Board manager with active text field using Scroll View along with Constraints in Objective C & Swift 4

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SPNavigationDrawerwithTABbar screenshot


This is a Custom Navigation controller along with tab bar controller and it provides a navigation slider to easy to access other controllers in iOS and it's made in Swift 3.

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SPAlertView screenshot


This is a Simple alert view for iOS supported with Swift 3.0

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SPDashBoard-Gauge screenshot


DashBoard-Gauge is A Purely Swift 3.0 based Implementation

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