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VNHexKeyboardDemo screenshot


It's simple view that can be used as inputView for HexKeyboard.

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VNTankViewDemo screenshot


VNTank View can be used to fill tank with different colour.

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VNOfficeHourPicker screenshot


VNOfficeHourPicker let's you select Office/Institute opening hour for the week. Take a look at the sample project to find out how to use it. Installation Manual To manually install the ...

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SocketChat-iOS screenshot


Chat Example Using Socket Connection To use this code use Chat Server PHP(https://github.com/varun-naharia/Chat-Server-PHP) to create server and connect this app to that server. Or you can test wi...

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VNImageScanner screenshot


VNImageScanner Welcome to the spiritual successor of IPDFCameraViewController and MAImagePickerController, that tries to unite a usable & simple camera component class into a single UIView. Init...

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Slider screenshot


Image Slider with xib, easiest way add slider in your app

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