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This is highly customizable drop-in solution for introduction views.

Some features (remember, most features are optional and can be turned off):

  • for each basic page:
    • background (with cross-dissolve transition between pages)
    • title image (+ Y position)
    • title text (+ font, color and Y position)
    • description text (+ font, color and Y position)
    • subviews array (added to page after building default layout)
  • possibility to set your own custom view for page:
    • pageWithCustomView:
    • pageWithCustomViewFromNibNamed:
  • possibility to make sublass of EAIntroPage and react to actions:
    • pageDidLoad
    • pageDidAppear
    • pageDidDisappear
  • many options to customize parent view:
    • swipe from last page to close
    • custom background image or color
    • custom page control
    • custom skip button
    • pinned titleView (+ Y position, can be hidden on some pages)
  • delegate protocol to listen:
    • introDidFinish:
    • intro:pageAppeared:withIndex:
  • actions on IntroView:
    • setPages:
    • showInView:animateDuration:
    • hideWithFadeOutDuration:
    • setCurrentPageIndex:animated:
  • storyboard/IB support
  • autoresize support