GradientSlider for iOS

GradientSlider is a UIControl subclass which is similar to UISlider, but with a linear gradient coloring the slider’s track. Useful for creating color pickers. It is written in Swift.


  • Easily define a gradient by setting the min & max (i.e. left & right) colors
  • Rainbow gradients (with customizable saturation & brightness) for making Hue selection sliders
  • IBDesignable/Inspectable for direct use within Interface Builder
  • Add an icon or color to the slider thumb
  • Min/Max images (similar to UISlider)
  • Both Target/Action and Block-based callbacks
  • Customizable track thickness
  • Customizable track border and thumb size
  • Looks like UISlider by default, so they can be intermixed in the UI

License: MIT

Language: Swift

Platform: iOS

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