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The Unofficial Swift Apple Calendar Library. View. Control. for iOS & tvOS

Note: This is a fairly new project. Please leave a Star rating on github if you like it. Publicity is needed.

Screenshots: The beautiful calendar you saw displayed is not the only way this library looks. The calendar is only one example developed using our library. The Library by itself, does not have a "look". The look is entirely up to the developer. Have a look at the other awesome calendars many developers have created with this library on this link

If you're one of those developers like me that needed a Swift iOS calendar control, then you have 2 problems.

1. Apple has no calendar control.
2. Other calendar projects on Github try to cram every feature into their control, hoping it will meet the programmer's requirements.

This is an incorrect way to build controls. It leaves the developer with an extremely wide selection of (in many cases non-conventional) features that he has to sift through in order to configure the calendar. Also, no matter how wide the feature selection, the developer is always restricted to a predefined configuration-set shipped with the calendarControl. Do you see Apple building their UITableView by guessing what they think you want the UITableView to look like? No. So neither should we.

So I created a solution. One I believe to be the best on Github. You can download it using this Cocoapod link or you can get it right from this Github link. Don't forget to leave a star rating on Github if you like it.

Check out its features here A Full tutorial can be found here. VIDEO TUTORIALS can be found Here

License: MIT

Language: Swift

Platform: iOS

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