UIColor+MPColors for iOS

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Implementation of methods to extend the funtinality and use of the UIColor class.

The list of methods will continue to evolve as I keep finding new needs for color creation or people suggest new methods.


  • Create color from a HexRGB Value (Ex: 0xFFFFFF) & HexRGBA Value .

  • Create color from a HexRGB String with either # or 0x or neither. (Ex: @"FFFFFF" or @"#FFFFFF" or @"0xFFFFFF") & HexRGBA String (Ex: @"FFFFFFFF" or @"#FFFFFFFF" or @"0xFFFFFFFF").

  • Create color from with Base255 int values (Ex: int from 0 to 255) and also Base100 alpha value (Ex: int from 0 to 100).

  • Create color from Base255 RGB String (Ex: @"255,255,255") and also with alpha (Ex: @"255,255,255,1.0").

License: MIT

Language: Objective-C

Platform: iOS