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BSShareMenu screenshot


May 26, 2014 • Unspecified License
A pie menu control for sharing content on social sites.
CubePageView screenshot


May 12, 2014 • Unspecified License
A simple project to realize pages views in cube gesture
AutoDescribe screenshot


May 11, 2014 • Unspecified License
A category on NSObject which allows you to query information about an instance.
AnimatedTransitionGallery screenshot


April 19, 2014 • Unspecified License
A gallery app of custom animated transitions for iOS 7.
RSPenrose screenshot


April 16, 2014 • Unspecified License
Original iOS menu using a penrose triangle
CBHazeTransitionViewController screenshot


April 14, 2014 • Unspecified License
A small clone of Haze's beautiful transition view. http://gethaze.com/
MVSpeechSynthesizer screenshot


April 10, 2014 • Unspecified License
Effective use of AVSpeechSynthesizer 1. Simple way to integrate the AVSpeechsynthesizer into your app. 2. Instead of delgate method it provides block methods. 3. Apart from simple usage it...
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March 26, 2014 • Unspecified License
Animated blur and tint background on UITableView scroll. - Customizable tint. - Animate between two different alphas for a darken or lighten effect. - Works in the background and animates in ...
MBKeyboardTracker screenshot


March 26, 2014 • Unspecified License
Get the system wide keyboard and track its origin.
PICircularDialer screenshot


March 16, 2014 • Unspecified License
This is simple app to show the old circular style telephone dial. Currently it just stores 4 digit number and then checks it for confirmation.
PIImageDoodler screenshot


March 14, 2014 • Unspecified License
App to take any picture from photo album and draw custom drawing and erase it.
MSPageViewController screenshot


March 13, 2014 • Unspecified License
Create UIPageViewControllers using only storyboards
WishlistAnimation screenshot


February 19, 2014 • Unspecified License
iOS App Store's "Add to Wish List" animation
PinPad screenshot


February 16, 2014 • Unspecified License
A lock screen view controller styled to look like iOS 7's. Dynamic count of numbers. Control includes shake and error view.
ASScrollView screenshot


February 15, 2014 • Unspecified License
ASScrollView animation an ios control which scroll between image with fading animation and it can be used as an image gallery
ANBlurredImageView screenshot


February 15, 2014 • Unspecified License
Animated blur-in and blur-out on UIImageView.
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January 18, 2014 • Unspecified License
iOS project recreating Foursquare design and behaviour when presenting location details Behaviour: When you scroll, image's shown area will become bigger. Like it appears on location detail pag...
MLKPageViewController screenshot


December 31, 2013 • Unspecified License
Using this controller we can create a page control with pages having some padding on 4 sides. We need to just specify the number of Views needs to be show by instantiating MLKPageViewController wit...
YCTaskManager screenshot


December 10, 2013 • Unspecified License
A simple open source iPhone app for managing UILocalNotifications. Notifications are displayed with UITableViewCells and can be canceled/deleted using the standardized swipe to delete method.
DRDynamicSlideShow screenshot


November 14, 2013 • Unspecified License
A UIScrollView subclass to easily implement an amazing swiping interactive slide show, as IFTTT's. [GIF image](https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/25520122/images/cocoacontrols/DRDynamicSlideSho...