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PGWeekDaySlider screenshot


PGWeekDaySlider is a simple and flexible iOS class for presenting any custom view as selection for week days with swipe control. It includes a variety of options for controlling how your slider app...

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SDWebImage+CircularProgressView screenshot


This is a category to SDWebImage that offer you to add ProgressView in three ways: + Circular (using DACircularProgress) + Linear + Custom Images are downloading by SDWebImage (3.7.0 and up)

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FontDownload screenshot


Download the Font. Demonstrates how to download fonts on demand on iOS 6 and later. On iOS 6, we have added the capability for applications to download fonts on demand. Besides the fonts inst...

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Messenger screenshot


This is a native iOS Messenger app, making realtime chat conversations and audio calls with full offline support.

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SSCalendar (Events Calendar) screenshot

SSCalendar (Events Calendar)

SSCalendar is a UI library that can be used to display a calendar of events within your app with three different layouts: an annual, monthly and daily/weekly. This calendar library was originall...

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ARWhatsNew screenshot


A simple and light-weight What's New modal for new app updates. This neat tool allows you to simply present a modal to your users to tell them Whats New in your update!

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Show touches and force touches (swift and objc versions) screenshot

Show touches and force touches (swift and objc versions)

Show touch indicators and force touch indicators for your iOS app

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Eula screenshot


Eula is a platform that makes it easy to manage your Terms of Service and Privacy Policy documents.

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DXLongPressButton screenshot


A subclass of UIButton that includes UILongPressEvent and IBInspectable long press duration

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FCChatHeads screenshot


Library to use chat heads within your iOS app with complete physics and animations which drive multi user chat behaviour to support collapsed/stacked or expanded states.

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PYSearch screenshot


🔍 An elegant search controller for iOS.

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GDPerformanceView screenshot


Shows FPS, CPU usage, app and iOS versions above the status bar.

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CRRulerControl screenshot


Cleveroad is happy to present a new library for iOS apps — CRRulerControl. Whether your app is going to operate over graphics or any scalable elements, ruler is crucial to provide users convenience...

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TOScrollBar screenshot


An interactive scroll bar for easily traversing comically massive scroll views.

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MMCollapsibleLabel screenshot


A highly customizable UILabel which is collapsible like an accordion with a Show / Hide button.

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DangerousDaveUnity3D screenshot


Legendary Dangerous Dave game ported to all platforms using Unity 3D

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WCSAlertController screenshot


UIAlertController example with a few extra parameters and completion block.

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CHWebView screenshot


UIWebView & WKWebView Container Base On Object-C

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JNAPushPopCompletionBlock screenshot


Completion block for UINavigationController "push" and "pop" view controllers

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WCSBubbleView screenshot


3-tier Bubble view with title, detail, value and some options.

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SCAvatarBrowser screenshot


SCAvatarBrowser is a powerful and lightweight tool to create the view used to enlarge photos from their avatar previews. By using SCAvatarBrowser, you can make your avatar scalable, draggable an...

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PureForm screenshot


PureForm — the easiest way to build form such as login, questionnaire and etc. screens from JSON file. PureForm provides parsing properties and special params into objects for further manipulation ...

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Parent-Child ScrollView screenshot

Parent-Child ScrollView

Child ScrollView contents changes based on the selection of Parent ScrollView selected item. Parent and Child ScrollView contents added dynamically based on the each content length.

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SSPopup screenshot


Popup selection will enable use to select particular data from given array..

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FirebaseChat screenshot


This is a full native iPhone app to create realtime, text based group or private chat with Firebase.

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