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AwaitToast screenshot


🍞 An async waiting toast with basic toast. Inspired by facebook posting toast

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RAGTextField screenshot


Subclass of UITextField that adds an animated placeholder and an optional hint label below the text. Supports an arbitrary view in the background of the text (outline and underline views are provid...

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Dismissable screenshot


⚡️Dismissable is super convenient to dismiss with gesture!

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SegementSlide screenshot


Multi-tier UIScrollView nested scrolling solution. 😋😋😋

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DDPerspectiveTransform screenshot


🔲 Warp image transformation. Select area and crop image with transformation.

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TinyCreditCard screenshot


A clear and animated credit card input workflow implement

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Loaf screenshot


Yet another iOS Toast library! Loaf is a Swifty Framework for Easy iOS Toasts!

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iOSLuckyWheel screenshot


An iOS Lucky wheel with customizable text and text colors and section colors and very easy to integrate

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Updates screenshot


📲Automatically detects app updates and gently prompts users to upgrade.

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TypographyKit screenshot


📰Consistent & accessible visual styling on iOS with support for Dynamic Type.

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Cheats screenshot


🎮Console video game-style cheat codes for iOS apps.

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AnimatedGradientView screenshot


Powerful gradient animations made simple for iOS.

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BSAutocomplete screenshot


BSAutocomplete can give you the amazing fullscreen-autocomplete experience!! how it works URL: https://youtu.be/uOJv1TJQAyAI https://youtu.be/l_FbmPHrbBI

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PickerButton screenshot


PickerButton is subclass of UIButton that presents UIPickerView in keyboard.

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YAS screenshot


YAS is YAML-based stylesheet engine written in Swift.

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camerakit-ios screenshot


Library for iOS Camera API. Massively increase performance and ease of use within your next iOS Project.

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BisKit screenshot


BisKit is an iOS library to generate beautiful popups as the one featured when Apple Pencil is attached to the new iPad Pro.

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ImpressiveNotifications screenshot


ImpressiveNotifications are custom in-app notifications with 3 types of layouts. The notifications will animate in and out. They will hide when they are clicked on or with an automatic dismissal. I...

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WeScan screenshot


Document Scanning Made Easy for iOS

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TactileSlider screenshot


Slider that can be dragged from any point within its bounds, similar to those in Control Center and Home.app

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SmoothPicker screenshot


A Customized Component for creating a horizontal picker with custom styles

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LiveFader screenshot


@IBDesignable Horizontal or vertical UIControl subclass that can start from bottom or middle of the control.

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VDSLoader screenshot


A new Loader with customisation

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BSDropper screenshot


Drop like a hell. see how it works by the link below. GIF: https://media.giphy.com/media/yNObbYWQUQmykwLxyL/giphy.gif

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BSFloatListView screenshot


Boring floating list view. get to see how it works by the link below. gif URL : https://media.giphy.com/media/3ndxp44CtZqqNDjGk3/giphy.gif

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