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curvyRoute screenshot


Display curvy routes on iOS, MapKit

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DuctTape screenshot


📦 KeyPath dynamicMemberLookup based syntax sugar for Swift.

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StylableNavigationBar screenshot


🧸 StylableNavigationBar provide a lightweight replacement for a standard UINavigationController, so you can easily manage your navigation and status bar styles throughout your iOS app

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CharacterCounter screenshot


A library that provides counter label component that can be added as a subview to a view or can be used as a keyboard accessory view

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MHWebViewController screenshot


An Instagram inspired Web View Controller.

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AVCalendar screenshot


A customisable calendar/date picker for iOS.

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MVCacher screenshot


Caches any data in Swift!

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NSVPullToRefresh screenshot


PullToRefresh for any kind of view.

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NSVLocalizationKit screenshot


So basically you will set localizable keys from storyboard and it will localize it, the main idea is when you have in app language change, you will have to subscribe to language change notification...

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AARefreshControl screenshot


AARefreshControl is a pull to refresh control for UITableVIew and UICollectionView

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AAObnoxiousFilter screenshot


Simple Profanity (Obnoxious) Filter written in Swift.

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LNPreviewToContextMenu screenshot


LNPreviewToContextMenu is a framework for automatically transforming your existing 3D Touch Peek&Pop preview controllers and actions into the new UIContextMenu system in iOS 13.

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JSONTableView screenshot


Expandable JSON data viewer

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SGDigitTextField screenshot


Elegant and Simplest Digit UITextField

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CommonKeyboard screenshot


An elegant Keyboard library for iOS. simple, lightweight and standalone no sub-dependencies required

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CustomUIView screenshot


Now you can benefit from one IBDesignable CUIVew, that you can customize to have round corners, drop shadow with offset and you can add also a background image.

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TOSegmentedControl screenshot


A segmented control in the style of iOS 13 compatible with previous versions of iOS.

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inshorts-view screenshot


UICollectionView for implementing vertical swipe up-done for next/previous cards, like News Inshorts application.

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PopOverDatePicker screenshot


PopOverDatePicker is a PopOver style DatePicker view.

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SGCodeTextField screenshot


Simple pin code textfield. Customizable via Interface Builder or code.

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RotateView screenshot


Rotate Images on circle

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StorageDone-iOS screenshot


Swift library to make easy using local document-oriented database in iOS apps.

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PTCardTabBar screenshot


Card Style Tab Bar Controller

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PolioPager screenshot


A flexible tabBar library with search tab like SNKRS. Written in pure swift.

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Palette screenshot


Color palette generation from image written in Swift

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