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SHAudioPlayer screenshot


Audio player that supports: Live audio streaming, HLS/m3u8/m3u audio streaming,Play from local audio file, Supports many audio codecs incluing mp3, Swift 5, Objective-C, iOS 9 and above, Manages playlist

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PiPhone screenshot


Picture in picture video playback for iPhone

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PullUpController screenshot


Pull up controller with multiple sticky points like in iOS Maps

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Ubaguruma screenshot


Ubaguruma is a photo select picker like LINE.

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Bubble Pictures screenshot

Bubble Pictures

A bubble way to show in iOS using Swift Native.

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RKCalendar screenshot


SwiftUI Simple Calendar / Date Picker for iOS

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DrawerMenu screenshot


simple drawer menu

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TopDrawer screenshot


A top drawer that can be pulled up/down over the screen

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redmin - prototype with Reddit data screenshot

redmin - prototype with Reddit data

A super lightweight reddit client for iOS

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WaveLabelDemo screenshot


波浪经过文字,文字改变颜色。Waves pass through words, and words change colours.

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