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DYFloatingHeaderView screenshot


September 11, 2012 • BSD License
A custom iOS control that is inspired by the floating header control used in Facebook's iOS app. You can find a tutorial of DYFloatingHeaderView on my blog: http://iappexperience.com/post/313483972...
KOFiles screenshot


September 08, 2012 • BSD License
KOFiles – extended table with selection This component is an extended UITableView, suited for showing files and directories. It can display additional information, like date of creation and file s...
KOTree screenshot


September 07, 2012 • BSD License
KOTree allows you to show a tree of hierarchical data, e.g. files and folders. It was developed for Kodiak PHP, an app which allows you to write and run PHP code directly on the iPad. The items ca...
KOTabs screenshot


September 07, 2012 • BSD License
With KOTabs you can easily create a tabbed document interface. The user can switch between tabs with a single tap. The tabs can be closed with the "x" icon in the corner. When there are more tabs t...
KOKeyboard screenshot


September 06, 2012 • BSD License
KOKeyboard is an iOS drop-in component that adds a new row of keys to the default on-screen keyboard. It consists of swipe buttons with all common symbols, punctuation and brackets, and a special n...
HCDownload screenshot


August 27, 2012 • BSD License
Fully-featured download manager and view controller. More features and updates to come.
AH3DPullRefresh screenshot


August 26, 2012 • BSD License
A simple iOS control to add a pull to refresh and/or a pull to load more to UITableView with a cool 3D effect.
BFColorPickerPopover screenshot


August 25, 2012 • BSD License
BFColorPickerPopover is a subclass of NSPopover that includes the standard OS X color picker user interface. This helps reducing the inspector window and panel clutter on the screen, as the popover...
OBaconView screenshot


August 23, 2012 • BSD License
OpenBaconView is a animated hovering-views-view with datasource/delegate like a tableView for iOS. I have used it in a private project of mine and decided to give it to the public.
Cheddar screenshot


August 22, 2012 • BSD License
Not exactly a control, but the full source code to Sam Soffes' Cheddar todo list app for iOS.
PSMTabBarControl screenshot


August 22, 2012 • BSD License
PSMTabBarControl remains the best way to have Safari-style tabs in your app. This fork makes it easy to use PSMTabBarControl when developing apps for 10.6, 10.7, and 10.8 using Xcode 4. It is also ...
Konami Code Gesture Recognizer screenshot

Konami Code Gesture Recognizer

August 22, 2012 • BSD License
DRKonamiCodeRecognizer is a gesture recognizer for iOS. The recognizer is a subclass of UIGestureRecognizer has can be used in the same way as any other recognizer. Swipe gestures correspond to the...
BButton screenshot


August 20, 2012 • BSD License
BButton is a subclass of UIButton that looks like the twitter bootstrap buttons.
FRD3DBarChart screenshot


August 19, 2012 • BSD License
A 3D bar chart control made with GLKit.
TCTweetComposeViewController screenshot


August 19, 2012 • BSD License
TCTweetComposeViewController is a drop in replacement for TWTweetComposeViewController. It provides similar functionality but is modelled after the email composition view, which is aesthetically si...
MBSliderView screenshot


August 15, 2012 • BSD License
An iOS control that looks like the 'Slide to unlock' slider.
NotiView screenshot


August 11, 2012 • BSD License
A customizable notification view for iOS
BDDynamicGridViewController screenshot


August 05, 2012 • BSD License
Data-aware view controller that displays a UIView list (typically, UIImageView list) in a row-dominated grid layout. This class automatically lay out the UIViews with help from a delegate class (wh...
KOAProgressBar screenshot


August 03, 2012 • BSD License
Custom progress bar for iOS 5.0+
DVSlideViewController screenshot


July 26, 2012 • BSD License
DVSlideViewController is an view controller, witch allows you to slide view controllers in- and offscreen with a swipe of your finger.