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Dispatch screenshot


Multi-store Flux implementation in Swift.

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FNReactionsView screenshot


FNReactionsView is a customizable control (based on UIView) to give people a way to show floating emoji like facebook does during live stream, easy way.

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ISParseBind screenshot


Setup your class structure in Xcode Interface Builder and save() in Parse Server.

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Tabman screenshot


A powerful paging view controller with indicator bar for iOS.

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ASBottomSheet screenshot


ASBottomMenu is a UIActionSheet like menu controller.

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Attributed screenshot


A Modern interface for attributed strings.

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CRNotifications screenshot


Custom in-app notifications with animated slide-in. CocoaPods and manual install supported.

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PinCodeTextField screenshot


Simple pin code text field, based on UIView and UIKeyInput protocol. Lightweight, flexible and easy to customize implementation of PIN code input field. Supports different keyboard types, allowed characters sets, secure text input.

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Swifty Sound screenshot

Swifty Sound

Swifty Sound is a simple library that lets you play sounds with a single line of code.

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PRGLocationSearchBar screenshot


Control used to show a search bar which can fetch your location as well as geocode a search string

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