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buddy screenshot


Buddy is unofficial (simple) buddybuild client based on public APIs.

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LayoutLoopHunter screenshot


The library helps to catch the OOMs caused by Autolayout Feedback Loop by replicating the behavior of UIViewLayoutFeedbackLoopDebuggingThreshold in the live code.

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Pastel screenshot


🎨 Gradient animation effect like Instagram

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Gradients screenshot


🌔 A curated collection of splendid 180+ gradients made in swift

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png screenshot


A pure swift PNG decoder and encoder for accessing the raw pixel data of a PNG file

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SimplePagedView screenshot


A PageViewController replacement built to be as simple as possible

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BNMenuViewController screenshot


Animated menu for iOS

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RecordARFace screenshot


It operates on actual machine. We can authenticate the face, mask the face with AR, and record the masked image.

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Comets screenshot


☄️Comets: Animating Particles in Swift

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Flags screenshot


🇸🇪 Flag extension make flag emoji, image

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CardPresentationController screenshot


Custom UIPresentationController which mimics the behavior of Apple Music UI

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Stevia screenshot


Healthy Autolayout Sugar: visual layout API, chainable API, and equation-based API. All generate native NSLayoutConstraints.

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FeatureFlags screenshot


Allows developers to configure feature flags, run multiple A/B tests or phase feature roll out using a JSON configuration file.

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MagazineLayout screenshot


A collection view layout capable of laying out views in vertically scrolling grids and lists.

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DynamicJSON screenshot


Access JSON properties dynamically like JavaScript using Swift 4.2's new @dynamicMemberLookup feature, letting you access JSON like this: `let username = JSON(data).user?.username?.string`

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UnderlineTextField screenshot


UnderlineTextField + FocusManager

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Menu screenshot


The iOS Menu, as detailed in this blog post: https://codea.io/blog/the-ios-menu/

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AarKay screenshot



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Kingfisher screenshot


A lightweight, pure-Swift library for downloading and caching images from the web.

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VennPieChart screenshot


After searching a lot on internet finally we ended up making a new kind of pie chart(Venn Pie Chart). Courtesy: Pankaj Kumhar ([email protected]) Nilaakash Singh ([email protected])

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IHProgressHUD screenshot


IHProgressHUD is a clean and easy-to-use HUD meant to display the progress of an ongoing task on iOS and tvOS. IHProgressHUD is based on SVProgressHUD and ported to Swift with the help of Swiftify,...

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BNCurvedPageControl screenshot


Curved page control for iOS

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KSNumericTextField screenshot


KSNumericTextField is a simple to use text field that only accept numeric value. You can also specify the maximum number of integer digits and faction digits using storyboard or code.

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AJMessage screenshot


Simple popup message

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SPTouchID screenshot


Make a portable biometric authentication of your application!

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