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PFAboutWindow screenshot


A sleek replacement for the otherwise bleak "About" dialog. Its nice, it looks like xCode (6)'s one, and offers the following abilities : - Open the app's website by clicking its icon - Extend the dialog to show the "License Agreement", or the "Acknowledgments" (aKa "Credits") by clicking on buttons - Localisate every UI element in this window

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SwiftPriorityQueue screenshot


SwiftPriorityQueue is a pure Swift (no Cocoa) implementation of a generic priority queue data structure, appropriate for use on both iOS and OS X projects. It features a straightforward interface and can be used with any type that implements Comparable. It utilizes comparisons between elements rather than separate numeric priorities to determine order. Internally, SwiftPriorityQueue uses a classic binary heap, resulting in O(lg n) pushes and pops. It includes in-source documentation, an A* based example maze solving program, and unit tests are in progress (pull requests are welcome for unit tests especially). Features * Easy-to-use method interface * Small, self contained, pure Swift code base * Classic binary heap implementation with O(lg n) pushes and pops * Iterable through standard Swift for...in loops (implements SequenceType and GeneratorType) * In-source documentation * A fun maze solving A* based example program

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CLColorPicker screenshot


Implementation of color picker control which is similar to one that used in original Mac applications like Numbers, Pages, Keynote. Original one has lots of small pictures. This control based on NSSegmentedControl and have numbers of useful thinks to know, so it's not just implementation but also good place to look: How to subclass NSSegmentedCell, how is working NSTrackingArea and how create NSPopover with code.

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LicenseNotice_XcodePlugin screenshot


The LicenseNotice_XcodePlugin is a Xcode 6 plugin,which can attach MIT,Apache,GPL etc,license notice to current source file.

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XCActionBar screenshot


XCActionBar is a general purpose productivity tool to super-power your Xcode experience. You can think of it like Alfred for Xcode, it currently integrates with Menu Bar action, code snippets and comes bundle with a myriad of custom (and extensible) text manipulation actions like: * Sort Selected Lines (asc, desc) * Duplicate Line(s) * Delete Line(s) * Surround selected text with... (lots of stuff here) * Surround each selected line with ... (lots of stuff here) * Add prefix to selected lines * Add suffix to selected lines ... and a lot more!

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BFDirectoryEnumerator screenshot


Enumerate directories in breadth first fashion. iOS and OSX

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Calendar-OSX screenshot


Calendar component for OSX inspired by some free iOS alternatives

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YAProvisioningProfile screenshot


Helper class for easily exploring the contents of a .mobileprovisioningprofile

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DejalIntervalPicker screenshot


`DejalIntervalPicker` is a custom Mac control similar to `NSDatePicker`, but for time intervals or ranges. Features -------- - A custom control with an amount or amount range, units, and stepper. - Like `NSDatePicker`, editing components separately, with a stepper. - Can set minimum and maximum amounts. - Can get/set the interval as a `DejalInterval`, as individual values, or as a `NSTimeInterval`. - Can have either a single amount or a range of amounts. - Can optionally filter the range to ensure the first amount is smaller (or equal to) the second one, or vice versa. - Can control which units to include. - Can navigate between components via Tab and Shift-Tab and left/right arrow keys, or clicking. - Can type amounts just like in the date picker, and units with auto-completion. - Can increment and decrement amounts and units via up/down arrow keys, +/- keys, or the stepper. - Can increment/decrement in steps of 5 via Shift/Option/Ctrl and up/down arrow keys, or Page Up/Down. - Can go to the first/last valid values via Home/End. - Can display a drop-down menu of suggested legal amounts or units via the spacebar or clicking on the selected value. - Supports regular, small and mini sizes. - Supports properties, key-value coding, and bindings. - Supports `IB_DESIGNABLE` and `IBInspectable`, so the picker can be configured in IB. - A demo project is included.

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DejalObject screenshot


An abstract data model class that can represent subclasses as dictionary or JSON data for saving to disk or over the network. For both OS X and iOS. Features -------- - **DejalObject**: This is an abstract subclass of `NSObject` that adds methods to represent the receiver as a dictionary or JSON data, load default values, track changes, enumerate an array of `DejalObject` instances, and more. - **DejalColor**: A concrete subclass of `DejalObject` to represent a color (for OS X or iOS), enabling it to be stored in a `DejalObject` subclass. - **DejalDate**: Another concrete subclass to represent a date, primarily so it can automatically be represented as JSON. - **DejalInterval**: A subclass to represent a time interval or a range of intervals, including an amount and units, with methods to represent the interval or range in various ways, including as human-readable strings (see also the `DejalIntervalPicker` project for OS X). A demo project is included, showing a subclass of `DejalObject` to store various data types.

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