Weekly Roundup - 10/3 - 10/10

Aaron Brethorst, October 11, 2011

Welcome to another Cocoa Controls weekly roundup! We’ve been busy here over the past week, and have seven cool new iOS components to tell you about.


HGKOptionPanel is an unassuming, small touch control that, on tapping, slides up to reveal a container view for options. This could be very useful for predominantly single view apps that need a place for a few settings controls.

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CPAnimationSequence is a utility for chaining together series of animations in a simple, declarative fashion. Here’s an example from the project’s GitHub repository:

CPAnimationSequence* shakespeare = [CPAnimationSequence sequenceWithSteps:
    [CPAnimationStep for:0.2 animate:^{ self.romeo.alpha = 1.0; }],
    [CPAnimationStep for:0.2 animate:^{ self.julia.alpha = 1.0; }],
    [CPAnimationStep after:1.0 for:0.7 animate:^{
      CGPoint love = CGPointMake((self.romeo.center.x + self.julia.center.x)/2,
                                 (self.romeo.center.y + self.julia.center.y)/2);
      self.romeo.center = love;
      self.julia.center = love;
    [CPAnimationStep after:2.0 for:0.5 animate:^{ self.romeo.alpha = 0.0; self.julia.alpha = 0.0; }]
[shakespeare run];

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LKBadgeView is a class for generating small ‘badges’ composed of text on rounded rects.

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ios-calendar is a customizable calendar control that is tightly integrated with Facebook’s Three20 Framework.

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JHNotificationManager lets you show messages above your app’s window. It supports queueing.

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AUIAnimatedText is a label control based on CATextLayer, which means that it will allow you to animate the label’s textColor, text, font, and fontSize.

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An activity indicator view that supports customization of the number of ‘fins’, ‘fin’ size, radius, direction and more.

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