Weekly Roundup 11/07 - 11/13

Aaron Brethorst, November 14, 2011

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Our first control this week is a commercial one called ALToolbar. ALToolbar is a completely customizable toolbar that allows you to create toolbars with non-standard height and use any background image or color for the bar itself and the buttons. If you’ve ever tried customizing the look and feel of a UIToolbar beyond just changing the tint color, you’ll know what a pain this can be.

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This control is a re-implementation of the email address picker of iCal. It currently supports only email picking but can be easily extended.

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Another commercial control, ALTabBarController is a completely customizable TabBarController, that allows you to set the tab bar’s height, background color or image, and a fully-colored image for any tab.

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MFSlidingNavigationController is a simple mechanism with which you can build a Twitter-like pane animation experience for your application. It’s a container that behaves much like UINavigationController but without support for navigation bars or toolbars. It manages a stack of “panes”, sub views with their own controllers that it will animate.

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This is a variation on the built-in UISegmentedControl that offers a sense of “directionality.” It can be used as drop-in replacement for UISegmentedControl.

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ALBalloonView gives you Messages.app-style balloon boxes, and allows you to customize their size, color, style and text content.

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