Control of the Week

Aaron Brethorst, December 03, 2011

Welcome back to another edition of ‘Control of the Week!’ As you’ll see in the roundup, coming out in a couple days, we’ve seen a ton of great, new content over the past week, but one control in particular really stands out.

You might have seen TechCrunch’s post on Tuesday about the new Path 2.0 app. I did, and I was absolutely blown away by the app’s stunning design. From the parallax images in the table headers, to the little clock badge on the scroll bar, to the beautiful design for the story menu button in the bottom left, Path 2.0 is chock-full of gorgeousness.

So, it was with some surprise and a great deal of pleasure when, just a day or two later, I discovered that an industrious iOS developer had already managed to duplicate the story menu button in an open source control. Not only that, but the developer agreed to license their code under the MIT License, meaning you can use it in your iOS apps, too!

Check it out here on Cocoa Controls; I think that levey’s QuadCurveMenu is awesome, and well deserving of the title of Control of the Week.