Weekly Roundup

Aaron Brethorst, December 19, 2011

Hi folks, and welcome to another Cocoa Controls Weekly Roundup! We have seven cool new iOS controls for your perusal this week, including my personal favorite (and control of the week), SBTickerView.


This control, licensed under the GPL, makes it super easy to render a reflection under an arbitrary image.

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Next up is our control of the week. This week I highlighted SBTickerView, which gives you a really easy-to-use, highly flexible take on the awesome Flipboard ‘flip’ animation.

SBTickerView allows you to flip arbitrary views, which means you can flip an individual UIImageView, your view controller’s entire view, or anything else! This control, written by Simon Blommegård, is available under the MIT License.

Check out this video of the control in action to get a better sense for what it does and how it works:

Thanks again to Simon for creating such a cool control!

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JBSignatureController lets you present a view controller to the user allowing them to sign on the screen. After they’ve signed, the controller allows you to grab a UIImage of their signature for further use.

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SPUserResizableView is a user-resizable, user-repositionable UIView subclass. It is modeled after the resizable image view from the Pages iOS app. Any UIView can be provided as the content view for the SPUserResizableView. As the view is repositioned and resized, setFrame: will be called on the content view accordingly.

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A GPL-licensed UIButton subclass that emulates the purchase button in the App Store. Handy if you need a two-phase commit process for an action and don’t want to use an alert or action sheet for confirmation.

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EmailableCell is a UITableViewCell subclass for making cells containing email addresses copyable and it enables users to send email to that addresses using the iPhone’s default Mail application.

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CLKeypad is a customized number pad-style keyboard with an additional customized toolbar. It has the same function as UIKeyboardTypeNumberPad except that CLKeypad provide an extra decimal point button. You can customize the toolbar and each of the keys with your own images.

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