Weekly Roundup, 01/09/12

Aaron Brethorst, January 09, 2012

Welcome to another Cocoa Controls weekly roundup! I hope your holidays were happy, safe and (occasionally) productive! We have another great batch of seven new iOS controls for your perusal.

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This week’s Control of the Week, JGMediaPicker is a terrific replacement for MPMediaPickerController. I don’t know about you, but I’ve had the misfortune of interacting with MPMediaPickerController before. It’s not a particularly fun experience, and I hope not to have to repeat it again any time soon. Having a more flexible alternative like Jamin’s JGMediaPicker just makes life that much more enjoyable.

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You’ve probably seen accordion-style views in the jQuery UI library, among other places before. They’re a handy way to conserve space, present an uncluttered UI to your users, and even liven up your UI with a little more pizazz. Wojtek Siudzinski’s AccordionView for iOS brings this experience to your iPhone apps. Apache 2.0 licensed.

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To be honest, I’m running out of unique ways to introduce new variants on the Path 2/Facebook 4 slide-out view controller doohickey paradigm. Tom Adriaenssen’s IIViewDeckController is another one of those, but it appears to be one of the best thought-out and feature rich versions around. MIT licensed.

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GLTapLabelDemo, from German Laullon, is a UILabel that allows you to tap words within it, kind of like you’d see in apps like (my current Twitter client) TweetBot. MIT licensed.

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AFPickerView a custom version of UIPickerView, which allows you to customize the background, shadow, and picker graphics. I’ve always felt like UIPickerView has tended to stand out like a sore thumb in most of my apps, and this looks like an easy way to fix that problem. BSD licensed.

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Scott White’s SWSnapshotStackView lets you adorn your images with matted borders, drop shadows and simulated stack of underlying photos. Very snazzy-looking. GPL licensed.

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Pier-Olivier Thibault’s PHRefreshTriggerView is an alternative implementation of the old and faithful pull-to-refresh concept. Its primary difference is that it uses a custom gesture recognizer to fire the pull-to-refresh behavior instead of hooking into your UIScrollView’s delegate methods. Well worth the look. Unspecified license, but I’ve opened an issue on GitHub asking Pier-Olivier to add a license.

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