Weekly Roundup

Aaron Brethorst, April 09, 2012

Welcome to our weekly roundup! We’re looking for some feedback on the quality of the components we add to the site, and would love your input on the matter. To find it, go to our home page, and fill out the super-quick two question survey on the right.



Ken Burns View

I thought it might be fun to highlight a past control of the week on occasion, in case you might have missed it the first time around. This week, check out this awesome Ken Burns View control, authored by Javier Berlana, and originally featured back in November of last year.

This control lets you create a slideshow that uses a Ken Burns effect to transition between different images. This control is made available under the MIT License.

Check it out:

Our Weekly Roundup


Our control of the week, OCCalendar is a very simple component for iPhone/iPad that provides a “Popover” date picker controller. It is very easy to add to your project, and is 100% CoreGraphics code, so it uses no images, and is resolution independent. BSD licensed.

Find out more, or check it out on YouTube first:


NPColorPicker is a set of classes that helps to create a HSV Color picker. Within these class, a conic gradient with a configurable interpolator is managing the HUE donut. A second color picker, NPColorQuadView is keeping the last four colors chosen for selection. MIT licensed.

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VPPMap library for iOS simplifies the creation and management of a MKMapView, featuring automatic annotations management with their views and callouts, map region centering based on the current visible annotations, automatic annotation clustering, easy management of pins dropped by user, and more. MIT licensed.

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iOS QR encoder

iOS QR encoder, generates an UIImage from NSString with one line of code. Uses libqrencode to encode a string into QR. GPL licensed.

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The project provides an effect when the user swipes the finger over one texture and by swiping reveals the texture underneath it. The effect can be applied for scratch-card action or wiping a misted glass. MIT licensed.

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