Weekly Roundup

Aaron Brethorst, July 16, 2012

Hi everyone – Welcome to our weekly roundup! Have you installed Mountain Lion yet? The golden master dropped this past week, and I upgraded almost immediately. I’ve been really pleased with the performance and stability of the OS, and I’m absolutely loving the new sharing features. I can’t wait to see the OS X apps that take advantage of new features, like the notifications system. (Adium, please?)



ASFBPostController provides beautiful photo posting to Facebook with easy integration. Apache 2.0 licensed.

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A sidebar slide-out menu for iOS inspired by the Facebook iOS App. BSD licensed.

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A replacement for UIToolbars and UITabBars. Add your widgets and buttons for a given view to the bar, and users can swipe it up to expose its contents. MIT licensed.

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InfinityPagingView is a subclass of UIView, which contains an endlessly scrollable UIScrollView in either horizontal or vertical directions. MIT licensed.

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This is a custom container view controller for iOS 5 that works just like a regular UITabBarController, except the tabs are at the bottom and the more button expands up instead of taking you to a new table controller. GPL v3 licensed.

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WKVerticalScrollBar, developed by the Boston-based software development shop, litl, is a traditional-style scrollbar for iOS that integrates with existing UIScrollView or UIScrollView subclasses. MIT licensed.

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A pull down to refresh control like the one in Apple’s iOS 6 Mail app. MIT licensed.

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