Weekly Roundup

Aaron Brethorst, July 23, 2012

Hi all, and welcome to another weekly roundup! The big news this week was that Sparrow was acquired by Google, and Acrylic was acquired by Facebook. In case you missed this story, here’s a quick roundup:

  • Official Announcement
  • Talent Acquisitions: Marco Arment says “I was only able to reject [similar acquihire offers] because Instapaper is a healthy business.”
  • Entitlement and Acquisition: “You paid $10 for the Mac version, or $3 for the iOS version. Go ‘invest’ in a magazine and a coffee. They owe you nothing.”
  • Let’s talk about Sparrow: “To match Google’s offer, every Sparrow user would have to have paid $93 (for an iOS license) or $310 (for a Mac license).”

Even though I was never a Sparrow user, I’m disappointed to hear that their fantastic apps are going to be mothballed.

Anyway, onwards and upwards,


BWStatusBarOverlay is a custom status bar overlay window. It support touch by setting a block that will be called after touch. It work well on both iPad and iPhone and of course in any orientation. Apache 2.0 licensed.

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An iOS UI component to display gauges with skins and different configuration options. MIT licensed.

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Our control of the week, SDNestedTable, is essentially an iOS version of NSOutlineView. It’s a s subclass of UITableView for creating a two-level nested list UI control. BSD licensed.

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A simple notification class for iOS. A small banner slides up from the bottom of the screen. The notifications are out of the way and don’t cause visual clutter, great for success and error messages. Apache 2.0 licensed.

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A custom curtain-style transition for UIViewControllers. MIT licensed.

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CKCalendar is an easily customizable calendar/date picker for iOS apps. Style to your liking and include it in your next iPad or iPhone app! MIT licensed.

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