Weekly Roundup

Aaron Brethorst, August 20, 2012

Hi folks – Welcome to our weekly Cocoa Controls roundup! We rolled out a few updates this past week, here’s a quick synopsis of the three most important changes.

1. Editing controls: the most important change we made this week is that you can now edit your own controls! This has been a long time coming, and we really appreciate your patience. To edit your controls, make sure you’re logged in, and go to the page for any of your controls. You’ll find an Edit Control button on each page that belongs to you.

2. Queue position: you can now see where your controls are in our publishing queue! Just go to the My Controls page, and you’ll see a queue position for any unpublished controls.

3. Videos: The display of embedded videos on controls pages has been fixed (finally). Hope I didn’t inconvenience anyone too much with this dumb bug.

Last, but certainly not least, we have over 30 controls in our queue, and it seems terribly unfair to make control authors wait a month to see their project appear on the site. So, to that end, we’re going to be pushing out two controls a day until the queue is back down to around a week’s worth of content. Relatedly, this week it seems only fair to name two controls of the week, so read on to find out which are the picks!



A replacement for the UIPageControl, with similar functionality but custom “dots”. MIT licensed.

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Scrollable Multicolumn Table for iPad

Scrollable MultiColumn Table is easy-to-use and easily customizable table control for iOS. Simply add the header, implement MCTableDataSource delegate and MCTableStyleDelegate (optional). MIT licensed.

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UIBubbleTableView is UITableView based iOS component for rendering chats like it’s done in Messages application. CC BY-SA 3.0 licensed.

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Customizable UIKit badge view like the one on applications in the iOS springboard. Apache 2.0 licensed.

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An iOS control that looks like the ‘Slide to unlock’ slider. BSD licensed.

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REPhotoCollectionController is a simple photo thumbnail viewer for the iOS that groups photos by date. MIT licensed.

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NKToggleOverlayButton is a two state button that displays a translucent overlay when it’s state is changed. The overlay contains a customisable line of text and an image.

An example of its use would be a “favourite” button, where you could display a heart icon in the translucent overlay, to give some visual feedback to the user that the item in question has been favourited. MIT licensed.

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iOS UI Component for displaying Bubble Items similar to the iOS and OSX mail application when selection more than one contact. Apache 2.0 licensed.

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An iOS app that imitates bubble view like animation. Apache 2.0 licensed.

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TCTweetComposeViewController is a drop in replacement for TWTweetComposeViewController. It provides similar functionality but is modelled after the email composition view, which is aesthetically simpler and more appealing. BSD licensed.

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Based on NSGradient class for OS X, The Gradient class provides support for drawing gradient fill colours. MIT licensed.

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Our first control of the week is MPFlipViewController from Mark Pospesel, an iOS developer with Odyssey Computing in Washington, DC. MPFlipViewController is a custom container view controller following the iOS 5 containment API that navigates between child view controllers via touch gestures and page-flip animations. Custom licensed.

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Our second control of the week this week is FR3DBarChart from S├ębastien Windal, an independent iPhone developer in Alpharetta, Georgia. FRD3DBarChart is an awesome 3D bar chart control made with GLKit. BSD licensed.

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