Submit your ideas for new controls!

Aaron Brethorst, December 13, 2012

Need a new control? Found a cool, new app and need want to clone some core part of its user experience? Need help building it from someone with more experience? Or maybe you just don’t have time to build it? Help is on the way!

I just received an email from Kieran Lafferty, the author of the incredibly popular KLHorizontalSelect and KLExpandingSelect controls, and he has a rather unique problem…He wants an idea for something cool and new to build. And he needs your help:

Kieran wants you to tell him what he should build, and he wants you to tell him now!

Comment on this blog post, or tweet your ideas with the hashtag #ccideas. I’ll round up the best ones, and Kieran will pick what he wants to build next. Or, maybe someone else will see your idea and start running with it.

Please note that any ideas you submit should not be encumbered by any of sort of IP restrictions (patents, etc), and—undoubtedly—Kieran or anyone else who executes on your idea will release it as an open source component.