App of the Week: SignNow

Aaron Brethorst, January 26, 2013


SignNow, our app of the week, is a bit more…corporate than the other apps we’ve highlighted thus far, but that doesn’t make it any less suitable for inclusion here. I love the fact that this widely-featured iOS application makes extensive use of open source components. Check it out!

Need to sign a document? Need to get someone’s signature on a document? SignNow makes it easy to do both for free, and forget about printing, scanning, or faxing. Simply:

1) Upload any PDF, Word, or rich text document from your iPhone or iPad’s Email, Dropbox, Camera, and more.
2) Sign realistically with your finger. People won’t even know your signature was electronic.
3) Email the signed document to anyone, or save the document to a free SignNow account.

People use SignNow to sign and fill documents including NDA’s, sales agreements, celebrity endorsements, real estate contracts, financing agreements, permission slips, marriage documents, and more…

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