Control of the Week, 01/06

Aaron Brethorst, January 09, 2012

Welcome to another Control of the Week post! I hope you successfully survived the holidays, and are happy and excited to be back to work.

This week’s Control of the Week comes from Jamin Guy, an iOS developer with Griffin Technology. His best known app has over two million(!) downloads, and he appears to be quite the relentless helper-outer (question-answerer?) on StackOverflow for iOS questions.

Yes, that’s right: our control of the week is JGMediaPicker

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had the misfortune of interacting with MPMediaPickerController before. It’s not a particularly fun experience, and I hope not to have to repeat it again any time soon. Having a more flexible alternative like Jamin’s JGMediaPicker just makes life that much more enjoyable.