Aaron Brethorst, January 26, 2013

I want to say a few words about HelpShift, our sponsor for the roundup. They reached out to us about sponsoring us because of the quality and capability of the developers who patronize our site. Please take a few minutes to check out their offerings. I feel very strongly about only featuring content on Cocoa Controls that I feel is worthy of your attention, and their product is no exception. Before we agreed to their sponsorship, I tried out their product and integrated it into an iOS app I’ve been working on. I thought it was incredibly easy, very helpful, and very well-designed. If you need to add support features to your app, I think that HelpShift is—by far—the best way to go.

I want to offer a big thanks to HelpShift for sponsoring our weekly roundup.

This week’s Weekly Roundup is brought to you by HelpShift, the integrated Help Desk for native apps. I’ve tried out HelpShift and integrated it into an app of mine that should be shipping soon, and I must say I couldn’t be happier. It is, by far, the best support system I’ve used for my apps, and the easiest to integrate. Click here and enter the promo code ‘CocoaControls’ to get priority access.

HelpShift is the first and only embeddable support desk designed specifically for native apps.

  • Engage users in-app with a native, familiar experience so they don’t stop using the app
  • Cut down on support time with a searchable FAQ that answers common questions
  • Privately resolve user issues to avoid negative app reviews and increase app ranking
  • Integrate a seamless UX built for mobile that you and your users will love