Introduction to UIAutomation Testing on iOS (Video/Slides)

Aaron Brethorst, November 13, 2012

Thanks again to everyone who turned out today for the webinar! As promised, here are the slides, a recording of the video, and links to the resources I discussed.

About this talk: I talk about different forms of testing, UIAccessibility, UIAutomation, and how making your apps testable will help make them accessible to visually impaired users running iPhones or iPads.

Projects I mentioned

  • AutomationExample – Easily interact with Instruments from the command line.
  • Tuneup.js – Helpers to simplify testing with UIAutomation.
  • UIAutoMonkey – Send large numbers of simulated events to your iOS apps to stress test them.

Other test frameworks

  • OCUnit – Built in to Xcode, unit testing
  • GHUnit – Unit testing
  • KIF – Functional testing, Objective C
  • Calabash – Functional testing/BDD, Ruby
  • Frank – Functional testing/BDD, Ruby
  • OHHTTPStubs – Easily stub network requests for testing.
  • Nocilla – “Stunning HTTP stubbing for iOS and OS X. Testing HTTP requests has never been easier.”

Videos of visually impaired users interacting with iPhones

Other Resources

WWDC Sessions

  • WWDC 2010: Session 306 Automating User Interface Testing with Instruments
  • WWDC 2011: Session 519 Web Accessibility and Automation
  • WWDC 2012: Session 210 Accessibility for iOS