Tuesday's Most Interesting-Looking WWDC Sessions

Aaron Brethorst, June 23, 2020

Image: © 2013 Aaron Brethorst

Tuesday's WWDC sessions are now all available! This year's average session length is about 20 minutes long, which means you nibble your way through a ton of different sessions in between meetings or while just taking a break. There's a ton of great-looking content; here are some of the highlights.

Sessions that make you go "🤔"

Meet Nearby Interaction

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The Nearby Interaction framework streams distance and direction between opted-in Apple devices containing the U1 chip. Discover how this powerful combination of hardware and software allow you to create intuitive spatial interactions based on the relative position of two or more devices. We'll walk you through this session-based API and show you how to deliver entirely new interactive experiences — all with privacy in mind.


What's new in Swift

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Join us for an update on Swift. Discover the latest advancements in runtime performance, along with improvements to the developer experience that make your code faster to read, edit, and debug.

Introduction to SwiftUI

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Explore the world of declarative-style programming: Discover how to build a fully-functioning SwiftUI app from scratch as we explain the benefits of writing declarative code and how SwiftUI and Xcode can combine forces to help you build great apps, faster.

What's new in SwiftUI

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SwiftUI can help you build better and more powerful apps for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, and Apple TV. Learn more about the latest refinements to SwiftUI, including interface improvements like outlines, grids, and toolbars.


Lists in UICollectionView

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Learn how to build lists and sidebars in your app with UICollectionView. Replace table view appearance while taking advantage of the full flexibility of compositional layout. Explore modular layout options and find out how they can unlock more design options for your apps than ever before

Advances in UICollectionView

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Learn about new features of UICollectionView that make it easier to use and unlock powerful new functionality. We'll show you how to use section snapshots with your diffable data source to create outlines that can expand and collapse, and introduce you to building lists with compositional layout...

Advances in diffable data sources

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Diffable data sources dramatically simplify the work involved in managing and updating collection and table views to create dynamic and responsive experiences in your apps. Discover how you can use section snapshots to efficiently build lists and outline collection views for iOS and iPadOS and...

Modern cell configuration

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Discover new techniques for configuring collection view and table view cells to quickly build dynamic interfaces in your app. Explore configuration types you can use to easily populate cells with content and apply common styles.

Machine Learning

Build an Action Classifier with Create ML

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Discover how to build Action Classification models in Create ML. With a custom action classifier, your app can recognize and understand body movements in real-time from videos or through a camera. We'll show you how to use samples to easily train a Core ML model to identify human actions like...

App Clips

Explore app clips

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Help people experience the right parts of your app at the exact moment they need them. We'll explain how to design and build an app clip — a small part of your app that focuses on a specific task — and make it easily discoverable. Learn how to focus your app clip on short and fast...

Configure and link your app clips

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App clips are small parts of an app that offer a streamlined, direct experience and help people get what they need at the right time. Learn how you can invoke an app clip through real-world experiences like app clip codes, NFC, and QR codes, or have them appear digitally through apps like Maps or...


Meet WidgetKit

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Meet WidgetKit: the best way to bring your app's most useful information directly to the home screen. We'll show you what makes a great widget and take a look at WidgetKit's features and functionality.


Design for iPad

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Discover the building blocks for designing a great iPad app: Learn how to minimize use of modal interfaces and leverage the new sidebar to increase efficiency by streamlining navigation and facilitating powerful drag and drop interactions.


Build complications in SwiftUI

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Spice up your graphic complications on Apple Watch using SwiftUI. We'll teach you how to use custom SwiftUI views in complications on watch faces like Meridian and Infograph, look at some best practices when creating your complications, and show you how to preview your work in Xcode 12.


What's new in location

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Location technologies are core to delivering context-based services within your app. Discover how the latest privacy controls in Core Location add a whole new dimension to determining position and what that means for your app.