Weekly Roundup

Aaron Brethorst, May 17, 2011

Welcome back to week two of the Cocoa Controls blog! I’ve been pretty busy over here, what with some technical issues, some site updates, great new content, and 21 new controls.

Site availability issues

You may have noticed some instances in the past day or so where the site has been difficult to reach. Apparently, our hosting provider, Heroku, has been experiencing occasional problems with properly directing HTTP traffic. If you run into this problem, a) I’m sorry, and b) try prefixing the URL with “www”.

Site updates

I’ve made several updates to the site over the past week, one of which is worth calling out:

Control browsing is improved: you can now browse for controls by license in addition to date or rating. If you have specific requirements around licenses, this should make it a lot easier to find what you need. More knobs will be added here in the days and weeks to come. Please don’t hesitate to let us know if there’s anything in particular you’d like to see.

Disqus comment migration

I also spent some time prepping to move control pages over to Disqus. There have been some minor glitches in this process (mostly around importing Facebook comments into Disqus), but these should be wrapped up before too long.

Android Controls site

Good progress has been made on this front, too. I know I said last week that the new Android Controls site should be live by now, and it’s obviously not yet. It really is coming soon, though. I’ve started stocking up the soon-to-launch site with content, and will unleash it upon our dessert-loving mobile developer friends in the near future.

Controls from the past seven days

21 controls have been published in the past week!

  • ALPickerView – A version of UIPickerView that offers multiple selection
  • MTQuadrantControl – A four-way button similar to what Twitter for iPhone offers
  • MDAboutController – An easy-to-use About view that reads data from your plist. Plug and play!
  • MRMapView – An iOS library for displaying tiled maps with support for custom tile providers.
  • HGMovingAnnotationView – A map annotation view that can move along a pre-defined route.
  • DDBadgeViewCell – A UITableViewCell subclass that has a customizable badge view on the right.
  • LCDClock – An LCD clock look-a-like.
  • OHStackView – A container view that grows its rows as your content does.
  • PTMapView – A colorable world map, like in Google Analytics.
  • JSFavStarControl – A ratings control.
  • MeterView – Meters like on a car’s dashboard.
  • NAMapKit – Another mapping framework that supports custom maps.
  • NLFetchedResultsTable – A drop-in replacement for UITableView that supports easy connectivity with Core Data.
  • StyledPageControl – A UIPageControl that supports better styling options.
  • ESScrollView – iTunes-like scrollbars.
  • BCCollectionView – A replacement for NSCollectionView that supports up to thousands of items.
  • SlidingTabs – Tab control that resembles Gowalla’s tabs.
  • JPButton – Raised-looking buttons.
  • StackScrollView – The basis for yesterday’s awesome Twitter iPad blog post.
  • RoundedUITableView – Mimics the rounded table view corner experience in Weather and Stocks.
  • CHSecureTextField – A drop-in replacement for NSSecureTextField that works like Chroma-Hash.


We’re blowing past the last traffic stats I reported. For the month of May, we’re seeing:

  • About 1,442 visits per day
  • About 7,135 pageviews per day

Also, we have about 500 subscribers to the Atom feed and another 496 on Twitter.

You can always check out the latest numbers on the Stats page, to which you’ll find a link at the bottom of every page.

Your name in lights

Well, not literally. But, if you have great, technical content that would appeal to your fellow iOS and OS X developers, please let me know (my email address is on the About page). Jonathan Penn’s (terrific) review of iOS Recipes has seen about a thousand views so far, just to give you an example.