Weekly Roundup

Aaron Brethorst, May 24, 2011

It’s been a pretty great week around Cocoa Controls. Here’s the latest.

Site Updates

I added a handy-dandy grid/table switcher to all of the Control index pages. Now, you can view significantly larger thumbnails of iOS and OS X controls before diving into the details pages. Look for it in the top right corner on All Controls, iOS and OS X.

The Great Facebook Purge continues! I am in the process of ensuring that all of your comments are successfully transferred into Disqus, and then I’ll nuke and replace Facebook Comments with Disqus. I’m excited, and—judging by some of your tweets—it sounds like you are too.


I’ve been blown away by all of the positive comments I’ve been receiving about my Twitter iPad UI tutorial! In response to all of the feedback I’ve received, I’ve started planning a Part II. Before this comes to fruition, though, I have another tutorial on the iPad iPod user experience that I think will be quite exciting.


250,000 pageviews in the past 30 days. To quote Stan Lee: “nuff said.”

Android Controls

It’s very real, and I’m stocking it with content as we speak.

This Week’s Controls

  • MAWeekView – A weekly calendar view.
  • MADayView – A daily calendar view.
  • CHViewControllerSwitcher – A replacement for UITabBarController with a handful of super-handy features.
  • ELCSlider – An iPad-centric slider with a built-in UIPopover that shows the current value.
  • ZPopoverController – Simplifies management of popovers, alerts, and action sheets.
  • RadioButton – If you really need a radio button on iOS, this will do it for you.
  • SVGKit – One of my recent, personal favorites. Handle SVGs with ease on iOS and OS X. Super cool.
  • Custom Callout – A custom callout view for MKMapViews.
  • JBInfoBar – Provides async status notifications for long-running tasks.
  • JCSSheetController – A controller for OS X that replaces sheet callbacks with inline blocks. Because, let’s face facts: pre-block life was lame.
  • CiExpandableTabBar – An expandable UITabBarController for iOS.
  • APSplitViewController – Kind of looks and works like the split table interface in the iPod app for iPad, but with some extra features.
  • TabBarKit – Another Tweetie’ish replacement for UITabBarController, but with a good deal more flexibility than most of the others.
  • CHSecureTextField – An OS X drop-in replacement for NSSecureTextField that provides visual confirmation of password matching.