Weekly Roundup

Aaron Brethorst, April 23, 2012

Howdy all, and welcome to another weekly roundup; we have a particularly awesome selection of controls for you this week, so let’s get to it!

What We’ve Been Reading


A clean, versatile pull gesture for iOS perfectionists. Comes with pull-to-create and pull-to-refresh. Assigned to the public domain.

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XBImageFilters allows you to obtain filtered versions of any image or from the camera in realtime. It uses OpenGL ES 2 to filter the images through fragment shaders you write yourself so you can filter your images in whatever way you want and it is super fast. MIT licensed.

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JCTiledScrollView is a set of classes that wraps UIScrollView and CATiledLayer. It aims to simplify displaying large images and PDFs at multiple zoom scales. BSD licensed.

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EZBadgeView is an easy to use badge similar to the badges found in UIKit. It is fully customizable, self contained, and easy to install. No need for external images. No need to link or import dependent libraries. Commercially licensed for $12.

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Our control of the week, PrettyKit, authored by VĂ­ctor Pena is a small set of new widgets and UIKit subclasses such as UITableViewCell, UINavigationBar or UITabBar that gives you a deeper UIKit customization. You will be able to change their background color, add gradients, shadows, etc. MIT licensed.

Check it out on CocoaControls, or view a demo on YouTube first:

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