Weekly Roundup

Aaron Brethorst, July 30, 2012

One of the big news items this past week was that, right on schedule, Apple released Mountain Lion. I’ve actually been running the GM seed for the past couple weeks, since it was released to registered Mac developers, and I must say that I’ve been loving it…with the notable exception of some issues with Safari 6’s developer tools. Hopefully these will be corrected soon. Otherwise, iCloud tabs, notifications, and sharing are all rocking my world :)

Another story of some note is that enough parts for a purported next-generation iPhone (The New iPhone? iPhone 5?) have surfaced that they can actually be assembled into a mockup of the final device. I wouldn’t be surprised at all to find out that this is legit. However, I am surprised that the supply chain has become this leaky.



Filepicker is the UIImagePicker, if it handled files and cloud services. Let your users open and save content to and from Dropbox, Box, Gmail, Google Drive, Web Image Search. MIT licensed, but it requires a Filepicker.io account.

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Paperfold is another incredibly impressive control from one of my favorite iOS developers, Hon Cheng, and our control of the week.

PaperFold is a simple iOS control that allows hiding of views on the left and right side of the screen by dragging the middle view. The left view supports only 1 fold. The right view supports variable number of folds. MIT licensed.

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DVSlideViewController is a container view controller that allows you to slide view controllers in- and offscreen with a swipe of your finger. BSD licensed.

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Extracted from 1000Memories’ Shoebox application, a quilt is a grid that displays images and media in multiple columns with different aspect ratios. MIT licensed.

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DMInspectorPalette is an NSScrollView that supports dynamic loading of NSView grouped by section as like in XCode Inspector Window. You can collapse or expand an item in order to hide or show it’s relative section. All state changes are animatable using Core Animation. MIT licensed.

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Waveform Audio Player

A small control that displays the waveform of the actually played audio file. It loads all the AVFoundation.framework supported formats. Released into the public domain.

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A framework that filters still images and video using openGL 2.0 filters. Similar to the XBImageFilters. There are already a ton of filters written for GPUImage including edge detection, lots of overlays, cartoon filters, etc. Custom, BSD-like license.

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