Weekly Roundup

Aaron Brethorst, August 13, 2012

Hi all, and welcome to our latest roundup. I added a comments policy to the website this past week, and I ask you take a minute or two to read about it.



Easily create table views with a block-based syntax. Apache 2.0 licensed.

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Create a list of tags from an NSArray to be shown in a view with customizable fonts, colors, and other properties. Released into the public domain.

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SPGooglePlacesAutocomplete is a simple objective-c wrapper around the Google Places Autocomplete API. The API can be used to provide autocomplete functionality for text-based geographic searches, by returning Places such as businesses, addresses, and points of interest as a user types. SPGooglePlacesAutocomplete also provides support for converting Place results into CLPlacemark objects for easy mapping with MKMapView. MIT licensed.

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This week’s control of the week is JCGridMenu, from Joe Carney, an iOS developer in Marbella, Spain. This simple, but extremely clever iOS control works as a 44×44px menu using rows and columns to show and hide options. Custom license.

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A customizable notification view for iOS. BSD licensed.

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FormKit.m is a library that helps building forms with table views. Apache 2.0 licensed.

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Customized table view cell border and highlight colors. MIT licensed.

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