Weekly Roundup 10/31 - 11/06

Aaron Brethorst, November 07, 2011

Howdy folks – We’re starting something different as of this week. Weekly roundups will be posted on Tuesday from here on out. HOWEVER: if you’d still like to get them on Mondays, add your email address to our mailing list, and we’ll make sure you get it a whole day earlier than anyone else.



A handy table view controller built to help you better add address book contact selection to your app. This control has been placed in the public domain.

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Have you seen the way that the keyboard can be retracted in Apple’s Messages app under iOS 5? This code sample replicates the effect. Note: Apple may not like you doing this and may reject your app for it!

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Pete Steinberger is back with an awesome open source library for managing sets of stacked views, like in the Twitter app for iPad. This is, by far, my favorite new control of the week.

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KSSheetView is an easy way to generate a graph paper-looking background for your views without resorting to tiled images.

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ALPopoverView offers a unified popover control for both iPhone and iPad.

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LARSAdController is a singleton class that manages iAds and Google Ads in a single container view.

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Drag and drop objects contained in a scrollable image gallery into a recycle bin.

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A popup view that mimics the look and feel of Facebook’s in-app Facebook authentication view.

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SESpringBoard is a Springboard-like launcher view for use in iPhone apps.

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