Weekly Roundup 12/05

Aaron Brethorst, December 05, 2011

Welcome back to another weekly roundup! Another week, another seven awesome controls (and icon set!) for your perusal, edification, and iOS app-enhancement. We have some neat stuff for you, ranging from an icon set, MapKit extensions, a feature cloned from an awesome new app, and more!


This is an OS X control that mimics the editable image well found in the Users System Preferences pane. It lets you select and set an NSImage from a variety of sources, including your FaceTime (iSight?) camera. As you can see, I was quite impressed with this ;-)

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Cocoa Controls mobile icons

Not quite a control, but—in many ways—way better, this is a set of 450 icons in 1 and 2x sizes (in PNG format) for inclusion in your iOS apps. At $15, I think this is quite a steal!

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This control allows you to easily crop an area of an image by touching an area. Perfect for an image editing app.

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Clearly, the 4.0 release of the Facebook app for iOS has inspired a lot of developers. Here you can see a duplication of Facebook’s snazzy slide out drawer. I think this is a great way to free up some extra real estate in your app, especially when combined with the next control.

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As you’ve probably already seen, QuadCurveMenu was my pick for Control of the Week. This awesome component mimics the look and feel of the ‘plus’ button in the bottom left corner of the main Path 2.0 window. It’s a terrific way to conserve space and add a lot of extra pizazz to your social bookmarking recommendation daily deal apps ;-)

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A wrapper for the Face.com facial recognition API, which lets you detect, recognize and tag human faces in photos. Ever since I posted this, I’ve been scheming about cool ways to take advantage of this.

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This is a handy way to display multiple pieces of data in a single MapKit annotation without having to resort to embedding a full-fledged UITableView. Pair with a map clustering solution like REVMapCluster for maximum effect!

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