Weekly Roundup - 9/26 - 10/2

Aaron Brethorst, October 07, 2011

Welcome back to the slightly belated Weekly Roundup!

We were going to get this out at the beginning of the week, but unfortunately circumstances conspired against us! Rest assured that we’ll be back with the next at the beginning of next week. Thanks again for your interest in this feature!

Monday – ObjQREncoder


ObjQREncoder is yet another iOS project from the very prolific Jeff Verkoeyen. Need to generate a QR code inside of your iPhone app? This library has you covered.

Tuesday – OCMapView


OCMapView is a newer take on the clustered map view annotation concept. Unlike REVMapCluster, OCMapView represents the ‘size’ of its clusters with pinned circles resembling MapKit’s GPS location annotation view.

Oops, this isn’t quite accurate. A note from the author:

“This control doesn’t handle the representation of his Annotations. It just handles the clustering and let the developer handle the annotationViews himself – as it should and exactly like the original MKMapView does. The pinned circles are just for the sample project to see how the clustering works and do not (!!!) belong to the control.”

Wednesday – JAMultiTypeSavePanelController


An OS X control, JAMultiTypeSavePanelController wraps Apple’s NSSavePanel and adds a format drop down control. This would be super-handy for anyone looking for a simple, elegant way to represent an export feature in their OS X app.

Thursday – SMHeadedList


It’s a little hard to understand exactly what SMHeadedList does without downloading, building and running the example project, but this control provides you with a table header view that mimics the interaction provided by Game Center in certain newer versions of iOS. I highly recommend checking this out if you’re looking to add some pizazz to your tableHeaderViews.

Friday – AlertPickerView


Provides a UIPickerView embedded inside a UIAlertView popup.

Saturday – NACounter


NACounter is a two-digit analog counter. Check out this demo of the control in action on YouTube.

Sunday – DOAutocompleteTextField


An autocompleting text field. Instead of using a separate UITableView to provide autocomplete options, this control displays the options inline inside the text field.