Weekly Roundup for 11/28

Aaron Brethorst, November 28, 2011

Welcome to another weekly roundup! This week has seen some really cool stuff


Yet another cool open source control from Pete Steinberger. PSPushPopPressView lets you directly manipulate your content: pinching, rotation, dragging and more.

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This commercial control gives you a browser tab-like experience inside your iOS apps.

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Similar to SVProgressHUD, this control is designed to mimic the iOS system HUD (volume/rotation lock change) for important events like hardware detection.

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A very snazzy grid control that allows you to rearrange items with long presses and zoom in and out by pinching.

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If you saw my Control of the Week blog post, you’ll already know a bit about this control. This control lets you create a slideshow that uses a Ken Burns effect to transition between different images. It’s super cool!

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An iOS 5-only tab bar controller that uses new view controller containment APIs to give you a custom, top-aligned tabbing experience.

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It’s pull to refresh! But for OS X! Really, I’m not sure what else to say about this :) This control is a subclass of NSScrollView that gives you the pull-to-refresh experience that you’ve either come to loathe or love through apps like Tweetie.

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